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Tea from The Manor


English Breakfast

A blend of Ceylon & Assam Tea, Full Bodied with Coppery Brightness.


Earl Grey

Large Leaf Black China Tea, Scented with Bergamot Oil.


Chun Mee (Green Tea)

Smooth Tea with Subtle Sweetness, Aftertaste Reminiscent of Plum.

Green Peppermint

Famous for its Refreshing Virtues, with a Delicate Natural Mint Scent.


Lemon & Ginger

A Harmonious Blend, Zesty Zing followed by Warming Spice.


Red Berries

A Fruit Blend of Hibiscus, Rosehip, Apple Pieces & Orange Peel.

Please inform us if anyone in your party has a FOOD ALLERGY before ordering. Thank you. 

We have looked into detail at our kitchen procedures and although we have taken steps to control the unintended presence of allergenic ingredients in our food we cannot fully guarantee this.

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